Taking Up The Challenge To Bee

Today I have started a 15 day blogging challenge 2 days too late! But as they say, better late than never (and that is certainly the case when it comes to doing justice to your dreams. Just start. Start now).

And so now my focus is here. And at the moment, I might feel like rather like the Wizard of Oz who was smarter than he thought after all – once he stopped booming at everyone. But I’m sure that with time I will feel confident to come out from behind there and work it.

But back to dreams. Well, actually, “dream” seems too lofty a word. And “aspiration” makes it sound too much like striving. The truth is that I feel that in this process I am allowing myself to blossom. After all, a flower always will in the right circumstances and this seems like the best set of circumstances I have come across. It suits me down to the ground. It is about beecoming (I have used the “ee” deliberately as this is also about pollination, the spreading of ideas, and the making of some sweet stuff).

I recently listened to a podcast that talked about bees being on the beach and that they were dying there. And the message was that they were in the wrong environment. That if they had been in the environment that was right for them they would have been fine. And how many of us stay in the wrong conditions without ever thinking about what the right conditions are? Or how we can find them?

For me it is about surrounding myself with people who think the same way and want to encourage each other to be authentic and satisfied. Being part of an online community that does this is the best of both worlds – literally. I can continue to live my current life and bridge into this new realm that feels like coming back to the hive.

The truth is that I believe I have it in me to create a different lifestyle for me and my family. I want a lifestyle that revolves around wellness and choosing to go in the directions that are right for us. So whether it is a dream, aspiration, or a simple decision to make a plan, the most important factor is that it is scheduled in my diary.

And one day at a time this path will keep me reflecting and taking steps in the right directions. Excited to be taking up the challenge!


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