On Track? How Do You Measure Your Progress?

So this morning has started with a quick stretch, some headspace mindfulness, and now I’m blogging. So on track! Which is exciting. At the moment I am in the process of thinking about my perfect day. And can I just say that I was so grateful to realise that it doesn’t have to be just one. I have a whole lot of ideal circumstances.

I love the beach, the mountains, and big cities. And I love my family, friends, and work. Hmmm. So how to have an ideal day – I think I might need 3 days that would typify my ideal day. So I’m going to keep going with that and I know it will take me a few days to actually get a clear sense of what they would look like.

So I’ve set up a whole lot of tools to help me to get on track and stay there – multiple tools and strategies for life. Minimising distractions (keeping them in boxes) and optimising efficiency (having a clear desk). But I am having one small problem. Natalie Sisson has created so much amazing content that I have trouble focussing! Lucky I have my 3 Most Important Actions to check on and can stay clear about what I need to do with Evernote.

I know that practicing these skills and finding out how they work when I’m out and about will be an important part of making this a sustainable future. Only in Week 1 and still feeling so incredibly grateful for where we’re headed. I know I’ll have moments where it’s going to be challenging but I have faith in the process and know that if I focus on the steps immediately in front of me that I will be well on my way to a life of freedom.

So how do I measure my progress? At the moment it is about the feeling of satisfaction that I get and the growing self-esteem that comes from sticking to the promises that I make to myself. And sometimes they are even indulgent promises. Like the one that I make where I allow my morning mindfulness practice to be a cuddle!

Really though, I need those SMART goals. And finding a system that helps you to clarify which goals are smart for you is really important. That’s why I am thrilled that The Freedom Plan is about just that. You don’t create a SMART goal that doesn’t align with your true sense of what you want out of life. You explore and pin down the exact circumstances under which your SMART goal would be relevant – and then work towards the strategy.

To be honest, I think it is sheer genius as it’s comprehensive and real. When I say real, I mean real, in a way that I have never seen it before. All other systems fall short in some way as they address one part of life without addressing the holistic nature of life – the context of progress.

As I drill down to what matters I will share. It’s just that identifying what is important to me is actually the biggest decision of my life. But for now the progress I will make is of a personal nature. And like I said, it’s a feeling of deep satisfaction.


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