So. Back to Being Mindful.

So the last post was about how I actually “coped” with a job that was very meaningful to me and what I learned from it. Sometimes even the things you love, you need to know how to step back from. For me being in the present moment was incredibly helpful. And it is something I continue to learn and to practice. Which brings me to the title of this blog. So. Back to being mindful. Kind of zen and simple like these three lovely, simple, pendant lights.

Yesterday I got a little hijacked. I had set time aside to do everything I needed to do. And then it turned out that my gorgeous 5 year old was having a lot of trouble sleeping. You see, we’re approaching a historical date here in Australia with the 100 year celebration of our ANZAC legend. But everyone was talking about what had happened. Any my little boy is very literal and believed that the war was going to happen.

He’s heard about people sleeping in trenches and not having beds and dying and he says, “Mummy, I don’t want to go” and woke up continuously throughout the evening. We’ve told him it was in the past which I think is making him question why people keep talking about it. It’s a really difficult concept for him.

My little boy has autism. And he’s brilliant and bright and funny. And he’s literal and gets sensory overload. And my partner has all of these incredible qualities too. And some days these very qualities that I love, that make him genuine, and sweet, and sensitive, well, they can be challenging. So while I’m on this freedom journey I will also be working towards having a freedom family – because I so desperately want to create the space for them to be who they are. As much as I want to be who I am.

A big part of this journey for me will be taking the people I love with me. And so I saw this hijacking as an opportunity to learn. The reality is that I will need time to have my own mindfulness practice and there are many online tools including Headspace ( and Smiling Mind ( The reality is also, that unless my family is okay then the best laid plans will most likely go out the window.

It can be really tricky for a lot of us to maintain the boundaries that are necessary to create freedom. So given that there are a few more variables in my life I will be looking for other tools as well. Thought I might even give this a whirl with the little guy: – I tried it out this morning and it was great!

Now, I know from the work that I do that mindfulness practices are incredibly helpful to help people to find well-being. But beyond that they create a new sense of wonder in life and inspire you to see things just a little differently.

And my little ones reaction to hearing about history reminded me of how we can all be in life.

We think about the past, or history, or the bad stories we have heard and we think, “that might happen now”. But if we let that thought rule us we will never do anything that we want to do in life.

I have always embraced the new and so for me, having a little one is such an eye opener as I see how real his fears are to him. And I wonder how many adults are the same.

The great thing is that because I worked on the weekend I have quiet time at home today to get back on track. And I’m looking at outsourcing a lot of stuff so that I can focus on making time to plan my future. The sad reality is that because people don’t have time to do this, they end up having to outsource their families and their fun. For that reason, I’d like to choose what I outsource wisely!

So, today started with a headspace session, practicing using Evernote ( – which I can access from all of my devices to keep track of lists and to share them – so I can work on strategies with my team/s), and WordPress, as well as completing some study. I’ve also stared to use Sanebox ( These handy tools mean I optimise my time, reduce confusion, and that I won’t get FOMO (fear of missing out. I can limit the distraction without dropping out of the conversation).

I have set my 3 MIA’s (my 3 most important actions) and I am loving setting priorities that will mean that me and my family can find more time, more joy, and more love.

So, when will you get back to being mindful?


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