Being Your Own Superhero

So my little man is enjoying his morning meditation as much as I am and we are starting to talk about having a freedom family. That we would like more holidays and to be able to spend more time together as a family. It’s great that he now knows why Mummy wants to do certain things. And I think Daddy is watching on and thinking, actually, that looks pretty good. Jasper has just been chilling out and doing his meditation with Mummy and Daddy smiling in the background.

We might even try some as a family.

And when I am done with my perfect days I am going to share them with my little team so that they know what we are working towards. After all, their dreams are my dreams and vice versa. It will be great to be able to dream together! Because there are plenty of billionaires in the world and none of them have yet chosen to be bat man. So we might just need to save ourselves.


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