Such a Perfect Day – Putting It In Context – and What Does it Even Look Like?

“Oh it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you, oh it’s such a perfect day, you just keep me hanging on, you just keep me hanging on” – or so Lou Reed says.

I do find his music devine. And it’s not just about his quirky lyrics. It’s their delivery. He’s incredibly authentic. There is nothing feigned about him. He might even seem like an unlikely pop star but his music echoes with delightfully everyday images that enchant. Just in case you’ve never heard him before, this is the Perfect Day song:

And today was one of those days. The internet was down. And my Mum had just gotten back from Adelaide. The ANZAC 100 year ceremonies were all over the television. Jasper gave me my morning cuddles, my Mum (Baba) came over, and then Jasper went back to her place while Daddy and I went for a walk at beautiful Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

The beach was gorgeous. I just finished writing up my perfect days and am getting on to my painted picture – my painted picture, how I would like my life to look. And I find it odd that I am only doing this for the first time now. Why don’t we explore this in school? Why am I asked what I would like to do? But not how I would like my life to be?

As much as I love randomly plodding along and discovering what life might throw at me I feel I am ready now. Ready to create something new. And I think for me, that has come from having people who I love so deeply that I want to come on this journey with me – mainly my child and some wonderful friends.

And visioning those day/s (I couldn’t choose just one) and choosing images to go along with them, I just felt filled with the sense that I want to do this so much – this journey.

I genuinely want freedom. And now that I have the foundation of love that felt necessary for me, I am ready to move forward. I wonder sometimes if people wait for love to arrive to think about what their freedom will look like – because to many of us freedom is being with those they love.

There are others who fought for our freedom and we contemplated them today. We payed respect, and acknowledged their bravery and sacrifice.

So many have fought for me to be here right now. Remembering is more than just a thought, it is a way of life. Such a perfect day.

So now that I have meandered my way through that and discovered that Natalie Sisson who inspired me to start blogging also knows the perfect day song (check here: you too can find out how to design your perfect day. Pretty soon I will share mine and my Painted Picture (more on that some other time) on Slideshare. You can check out their facebook page here:


2 thoughts on “Such a Perfect Day – Putting It In Context – and What Does it Even Look Like?

  1. Oooh I got goosebumps reading this, I love that you are in alignment to have more freedom in your life. I also love this song and quite often sing it when I’m on my travels. So glad you’re partaking in the blog challenge and working on your painted picture – such a powerful tool!

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