Motivation – Perhaps Yours Is Different to Everyone Elses’

I want to integrate the important stuff with the beautiful stuff. Today had a lot of magical moments. Waking up. Cuddles. Breakfast (I really like my own cooking), drives in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterlands, walking on Shelley’s Beach and burying Jasper in sand so he could be in his “car”.

Walking in the ‘magic forest’ and stepping quietly over the bridges of trickling streams because we don’t want to wake up trolls. And apparently the brothers and sisters too. And then there was the dragon who eats magic pot pie and strawberry pie. Then we went to beautiful Kings Beach where we ate our fish beside the sea.

Sure Jasper was a little grumpy by then but I can’t say we didn’t find it a little amusing. He is so resolute about whatever he wants when he is tired that it does verge on hilarious. I don’t know where he might get that from.

Starting to ask myself what this blogging challenge might be all about as I do so just enjoy using it as a form of journal-keeping. I am such a happy potter (as in, I like to potter away – happy to do just about anything really. Which does make being focussed quite difficult. If only I detested so many things that only a few were interesting or attractive).

The curse of the happy! I mean, I am incredibly fussy in a lot of regards but I am wonderfully prone to finding the magic in any given moment and getting lost in it. It could be seen as some type of spiritual gift. But more often than not people find it dizzy.

But life keeps rolling. And I’ve just realised that I don’t do MIA’s on the weekend. But I’m okay with that. Because my most important MIA’s on the weekend are probably:

  1. Cuddles and more cuddles
  2. Love and fun
  3. Sunshine, beach and green stuff (nature – clean air – ooh lovely).

Acutally, I think these are fixed agenda items for my weekend. And they probably fall under the title of precious moments. These are my motivation. What’s yours?


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