The Power of Focus – and the Challenge it Can Present to Others

So having to choose one thing to focus on seems a little tricky. So what would be the one thing that I would want to do if I could only do one thing? I have to agree that it has to do with Freedom. Freedom through wellness, dance, and through sharing this freedom with others.

At the moment it seems a little unlikely as the last few years have been beyond challenging. They’ve actually been devastating.

My ‘holidays’ last year were getting my sons tonsils out, my grandfather passing away and less than 3 months later, my Dad passing away. Now I was close to my Dad. Really close. I had lived overseas with him for 7 years as an adult. And knew him as a friend as well as a Dad.

Alongside my beautiful little boy being so ill we were also facing a diagnosis for him of autism. And we got that which we are grateful for because with the right team around him he is really well supported and understood.

Last year. What a year. But the reality is that it made me even more determined to want to create freedom. I work with young people and see a lot of them with parents who feel like they can’t do the right thing for their teenage children because their work can’t provide them with what they need – in terms of time and money.

And honestly, it’s difficult to see. Especially when particular education pathways can be the wrong fit for that young person and they are stuck having to relentlessly be in the wrong place. And Mum or Dad is stuck knowing that this may be the only option for now.

Life huh? Or is it just that particular type of life where there isn’t enough understanding or the resources to create freedom? So my focus is also freedom. With a slightly different twist to some others.

Everything I do, in my job and personal life is pushing towards this goal. Whether it’s looking into and finding the right laundromat that picks up and home delivers, or the awesome cuisine service that delivers fresh meals. Every detail counts. And having the right tools and getting them to be habit is a battle at the moment. Because the status quo is changing.

Since I became a mummy I have done almost everything around the house, and most of the Jasper-loving and now I still do the same and work full-time. I love the lovely parts but have found that I have no time for me or my future when I am attempting to be the gold medalist in the household Olympics. And my health has suffered.

Have to say, based on how tidy I am I might not have qualified for the Olympics either but now, prioritising my time means that certain people are a little challenged. So I met the challenge and brought it to a head. I am 100% outsourcing and splitting the bill.

If I am outsourcing everything and we are going 50/50 financially that is actually fair and there is no denying it. And we may be left with time to invest in our relationship! So the lead up to me taking part in the Freedom Plan will be about ironing out these slightly banal details.

We will be seeing a financial adviser so that we can start to have a plan about how we move forward and ‘cope’ with our life. And beyond coping, how do we move forward into our amazing future plans and Freedom Lifestyle? It’s about being on the same page and technology is making it easier to do that. So I’m really hoping that we can find the right tools to create a shared understanding. And to give us the ability to focus on the one thing important to our family – freedom.

Looking back on this in July and seeing that outsourcing was the best thing I could have done. I have the energy not to be frustrated in my relationship and am slowly getting closer to having procedures, systems, and infrastructure for my future lifestyle and career/business goals. I never would have thought it was so powerful to make these kinds of changes and sometimes it has been daunting financially, but I am happier and so is my family. And I have time, time, time, to work out how to improve our financial circumstances.


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