What Role do Procedures Play in Your Efficiency?

It seems like my whole life is currently about creating procedures that will free my time to be more strategic. In my workplace that has been the push from the new manager. It’s about outsourcing myself to shift focus. And it’s incredible that the process I am working through in my personal life is taking me in the same direction. It’s hard to make everything fit. For instance, check the image from our home that includes, “The Harp, The Paperwork, and the Powertools”.

The Harp, The Paperwork, and the Power Tools

It’s functional and compact and it suits us! Because we all understand it.

So the message is:

Document everything you do! This seems to be the main message. So it was really interesting to find out that there are some easier ways to do this than I originally thought. And it’s occurred to me that for now I need to focus on this. Because I can’t learn all of this and be interesting. So you’re going to have to join me in the process or log off and trawl facebook or instagram or something.

Some of these tactics are obvious but still really handy. Like, if you create googledocs and share them you can encourage people to make changes to your processes once you have handed them over.

According to Natalie Sisson “you can read through and make suggestions and improvements to a living, breathing document….allowing people to pick the task up and roll with it….and you can record and transcribe if you find it easier to talk through your process than write it up.”

So that makes sense but the diverse ways you can do this really surprised me.

You can record and get someone else to transcribe (just who will be detailed below), create a video explanation by sharing your screen via google hang out, and by using jing. Giving your team full responsibility to update and make it even better can even be liberating.

Wow, so I’m listening to a podcast while I’m typing this and it’s discussing the importance of terms of service, coaching contracts, shopping cart agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and non-competitive clauses. And there’s quite a few legal agreements that need to be covered when someone is starting a business – so no surprises there but so much to think about.

I feel like my blog is turning into my study notes, which I am fine with but I don’t know how interesting this is or when I should start sharing it. I’m looking at a challenge today that asks how you will use Youtube to start creating videos but I’m not quite there yet!

I used it today to upload a video and apply for a grant through work. But even this video is private as our partners haven’t signed off on the release of this. So this blog is going to continue to be words for a while.

And getting on camera seems daunting. What will I say? I guess if I even start playing with it and work out how it works (maybe vlogging) that would be interesting.

So while I’m thinking about outsourcing I’m learning about the importance of protecting what you’ve developed. And that is really relevant. I’ve been burned before in this regard. But back to thinking about how we build the trusting relationships/agreements with others.

According to Natalie Sisson, many people start with a general virtual assistant (admin assistant) who can come into a business and take over tasks like blog post formatting, editing and transcribing podcasts, launch systems, setting up lead pages, creating sales pages based on copy, images on social media, posting with pre-written information for facebook and twitter, taking over running membership sites and organising customers, and scheduling things into your diary.

Other contractors and freelancers can also be helpful and can include: online business managers, copywriters, launch organisers, organisers for membership sites, videographers, and hosting and migration experts.

And a great way to find freelancers is odesk (https://www.odesk.com/). And you can apparently set the criteria (like that they have 5 star skills in spreadsheeting). You can interview and set them a test. Offering 2 contractors a small job with a budget of $10 (and choosing which one does it the best) can be a handy strategy when deciding who to give future work to. And recently stumbling across Fiverr was a real revelation too: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/video-animation/#layout=auto&page=1

I can’t imagine what else I would blog about. And that’s exciting. So a big thank you to those who have already paved the path for those who want to work towards freedom. For creating sooo much amazing content that I can listen all night long. Although for now, it’s over and out.


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