Streamline and Declutter – Now!

Suddenly I want everything in my life streamlined. The wardrobe (4 bags are ready to go to charity), my paperwork, and even my budget. I’ve never been able to work out how to make it an easy process.

So now that I am discovering this exciting world of apps I am downloading tools and working out which is going to be most effective for me.

This article was great: . Suddenly I’m ready to app to it. Because I’m appy. And the app puns could go on and on but I suppose I should discuss what else I’ve been up to.

Ever since I’ve been working for my current workplace I have had a slight obsession with how the business processes ‘ought’ to work. And part of that definitely involves having a decent CRM (Customer Relationship Manager – a form of software that helps you to work out how you maintain relationships with your ‘customers’).

On that note, today I also had a fantastic call from the team at Infusionsoft: They said they had some great solutions that could work for our organisation and were extremely helpful.

I’ve also been looking into admin. Like whether or not I have a Paypal account. And have to say that my morning ritual has turned into an evening ritual. I can get up as early as I like and still find that I make myself late if I launch into what I’m passionate about. The question, like in this image of our breakfast bar, is which seat will I choose today.

Grandma Jeannie's Roses

Because I can’t tear myself away once I choose and get immersed in what I love.

So until I’m ready to change my current working life I need to keep this as my nighttime adventure.

It also means that I get more morning cuddles. Which I’ve worked out from doing my perfect day exercise, is my perfect thing. So I’m off for night time cuddles now. And will continue to streamline and declutter. Speaking of which, I’ve also downloaded hootsuite – to streamline whatever social media processes I establish:

So from me it’s toot sweet from the hootsuite and goodnight indeedy!


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