Fresh Perspective and Freedom Planning

For those of you who have been following me so far, you will know that I started posting as the result of a blog challenge. The next challenge within the blog challenge involved living like a tourist.

We attempted to explore but due to flooding we couldn’t really drive. In fact, it was a matter of battening down the hatches. And getting home was a nightmare. We were all a little bit traumatised when we got back. But it was a little exciting and it reminded me that you never know what life is going to throw at you.

I am really blessed in my job that I get to spend a lot of time with young people who have come from overseas. Mainly through art projects. And I see these incredible young people and I do think ‘wow’. I’m not sure that being a refugee is quite like being a tourist but I see how grateful these young people are for the freedom in our country and the incredible parks and open spaces. And the safety.

So actually, what I feel really grateful for as a tourist in my life at the moment is the safety that we live with. We live in such a phenomenal place. So close to so many amazing beaches and parks. Can’t believe the 15 days of this challenge passed so quickly.

And so aware that there were definitely days missed. Which really just emphasises that you have to take opportunities when they come. Because you just don’t know if you will get them every day and so that means that consistency is so much more important. Life does just get in the way and sometimes that’s a good thing.

Some days you have other things to focus on. And that’s fine too! But the consistency of commitment means that you create substantial transformation and this challenge has already transformed my life immensely. I know it will continue to. Not least because I have joined the amazing Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Plan.

The knowledge and resources she shares are so phenomenal and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She really could evolutionise/revolutionise the world with her incredible ability to impart strategic and practical knowledge and skills. What an absolute dynamo! So stoked to be starting to create my own whirlwind. Even if I’m really the only one who’s noticed so far. I can feel the momentum building. And it feels good. Preparing for take off!


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