Making Time for Precious Moments – the Power of Outsourcing

My little boy is learning to sing a song that starts with the lyrics “Mothers, mothers, we love you” and it is utterly adorable. I’m not going to lie. He is sooo precious – something he likes to tell me back. Sometimes I have to almost pinch myself to know he’s real. I often look at him and think he is my idea of heaven.

Which is why I must get good at outsourcing and creating freedom so I can see his concert for Mum’s. And keep being able to go to such special events!

So I got pretty good at this outsourcing business and then we looked at our budget and thought, hmm, for the next month it’s looking a little tight.

But long term it’s also put us in a better position by looking at what we want to achieve together. We asked questions about what we could and couldn’t afford and agreed that outsourcing was going to be part of our strategy to maximise the time that we have to better our future and ourselves.

If we do our own washing we get clean clothes. If we create an online revenue stream that generates passive income we could get a whole lot more of the most important things – time, freedom, joy. Sure clean clothes are important but at what cost?

And so this Mothers’ Day the gift I gave myself was that of questioning my traditional role and asking myself, ‘how can I step forward to enjoy my child as much as possible?’. (Looking back at this now and we just love Soapy Jo:

The answer is, by creating a freedom lifestyle that means I can cherish every important moment.


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