Creating Value and Keeping it Real

Sunset at Tugun

It has been another phenomenal weekend and the weeks have been getting smoother and clearer as we progress towards the lifestyle we would love. This is not just about what we earn, where we live, or how we spend our time. It’s about the things we value. For me, creativity is one of those things. Which is why I was so grateful to get to spend time with a dear friend and inspiration to me, Donna Fallowes.

I met Donna while at an expo in London at the Horticultural Halls in Victoria. I can still remember the pleasant aroma that made the moment so memorable as we both stood with our hands in delicious scrub. As I looked at her I had this sense that, ‘here was a chic that would get me’.

We discussed our meeting just last week as she is in Australia for the month of May. And what we described was instant knowledge of each other. We knew we both liked to be professional (in the sense that we honour process) but that it’s also about being real (that we both adore having a good laugh). In essence, we discovered that we like each other because we were much less ‘wankerish’ than your typical creatives.

We have the same brand of silliness and think nothing of buzzing at each other (like bees) in our moments of happiness. Donna recently came to a course I was attending and the facilitator asked if she was my sister. To which I said, ‘No she’s not but she sort of is’ and then scurried away with her to enjoy every minute I could before having to return to class.

This Friday was a wonderful day for me as I got to connect with Donna’s class that took place at the beautiful beach pictured above – at dusk. There is nothing that gets me more buzzy than the hues of pastel (pink, orange, white, and the pale teal of the ocean) that creates the warm, cosy, brilliant, heavenliness of a sunset in this part of the world. It is sheer joy and before I even found the class I was smiling from ear to ear at the beauty of it.

What ensued was a journey of movement. We became bigger than all those things that usually surround us. We found keys to hidden places and unlocked the dreams that we had shoved into the back of our wardrobes. They jumped out to greet us, ‘surprise, I have been here all along’. And then danced with us joyously as the waves swirled over our feet and sealed a pact. Some sort of mysterious promise that I am yet to know the meaning of. But I know that I made it. And the only word required within me was a simple ‘yes’.

Donna is the Founder of an extraordinary organisation in the UK called Emerge. To find out more about the amazing work she does you can check it out here: When I think about how we met and the fact that it was some 10 years ago it astonishes me. Because some things always remain the same. So very few things do. But a precious few are true. And remain so, just because there is an alignment, a sharedness, a strange sisterhood that cannot be described. And all I can say is ‘Wow! Has it really been that long?’

So I value creativity, but in the realm of my everyday life (without Donna) I want to know how to keep it alive and real. Perhaps the answer is in writing, in finding and creating extraordinary images, and continuing to work with people who can acknowledge the reality of the unseen. If that’s the case then I am sure that I will be just fine. And I will look forward to the moment when I will see my dear friend again.


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