Good Morning? What does it mean for you to have a good morning?

So nice to see Mr Smiley in the morning especially when he’s in a lovely cup of tea.

Waking Up to Mr Smiley

Now, I know that so many people who are into personal development and having amazing lives have these extraordinary morning rituals. But really, Mr Smiley is mine. If I am going to do anything amazing it will be once I have gotten the kidlet off to school.

For a while we tried our mindfulness exercises but he’s a bit like Mum and found the prospect of a day full of options far too exciting. So much to do! So much to be!

Very adorably he has started to announce his morning debut to the world. He walks down the stairs saying. “Guess who it is Mummy?” and when he arrives he throws both arms in the air and announces “It’s me!”. Utterly adorable. And some days I wake up with his face in my face, like some sort of giant looming child-god with a massive grin. And you can’t help but smile.

I recently completed a 30 day pilates challenge at Nundah (in Brisbane – just opposite my work): The staff and the studio were amazing and it was actually possible and hassle free to get back on the path to fitness.

It was so awesome to do a form of exercise that did not require excessive levels of sweat. That meant I could dash across the road to work with minimal adjustment. I didn’t even need to change shoes as you just pop on a pair of socks for the workout and then put your usual shoes back on and walk out the door. In the Mummy world this is a major bonus and one of the only ways I can get exercise.

Walking in the door to such friendly faces was an absolute treat. The fact that the wonderful Trevor would announce, “Here she is. The rock star,” and then sidle up to me to say, “Look at you with a full face of slap (aka make up) at this time of the morning”. Loved that my lippy stayed put while my muscles were working harder than they have in an awfully long time.

There were some cracking results across those competing in the challenge too.

And I am looking forward to the next 30 day challenge in August too. Now that all of the birthdays in the office are out of the way I might actually stand a chance. Why would that affect my chances, you might ask? Cake culture. And while those 20 somethings can put it away I need to actually, literally, put it away, if I am going to shed kilos. And I am ever so happy being a little squishy.

Besides, I am convinced that there is a conspiracy throughout the rest of the adult world (in this city) to ensure that exercise for Mum’s is nigh on impossible. I mean, to do my class involved a 5.30 start (which I am fine with – need to prep to get out the door) and before school care starts at 6.30. So for me to start work at 8.30 with time for travel requires some pretty slick maneuvering.

So pilates was amazing! And my morning felt like a really powerful start to the day. But I so missed those gorgeous smiley face morning announcements. If only I could do the later class and have time for both! But while my current working life involves keeping an eye on the clock I have a choice between exercise and seeing my son smile in the morning. Hmmmm.

You may think that I’m exaggerating but consider a few of the facts that Mum’s in Brisbane are faced with. Combine the fact that creches in Brisbane gyms are usually only for stay at home Mum’s (who work out between 9 am and midday) and that some children will not go to an ever rotating staff base of creche workers (mine would not let me leave his site. If I attempted to drop him in one of these places with people he didn’t know a meltdown would ensue. Some might say I should ‘train him better’ – but he’s autistic. And to those types of people, I say “blog off. Just get off my blog now. And go and learn about special needs for at least a year or two. And then get back to me”).

So, at the moment, now that I am finished the incredible 30 day pilates challenge, Mr Smiley is my morning routine. Oh, and music. If I have time to myself I switch on Stardust radio:

Sideboard Music and Art

I love to walk to my warmly lit sideboard and switch on this beauty and listen to the crooning. Nothing sets the tone for my day like listening to good music. Some retro tunes that remind me of kindness, joy, and love. If Stardust were ever looking for a catchphrase it could be, “Start the day the Dean Martin way”. And of course that would be about his songs, not how he lived as part of the infamous Rat Pack. Or else no doubt, the start to my morning might be decidedly more shady.

The items of art here that I have are also incredibly precious to me. The beautiful whale design on the lazy susan is by local artist, Scott Moore whose designs can be found at Lilly Pilly Inspirations: I have always had a love for whales and find that most good people do.

The painting in between the lamps is by a local young man who is extremely talented with his use of colour. He always paints flowers because they remind him of his home country. And you can feel the sentiment in those flowers. Thanks to my current workplace we held an art exhibition in our centre last year. And we asked local organisations if their young people had work.

This young man needed encouragement to bring his work forward but it sold very successfully. Knowing this young mans strength and resilience and seeing his art everyday is a powerful reminder to me that there are moments in life that ought to be cherished every day.

Speaking of which, I am reminded of the title of today’s post. Good morning! And what inspired me and undoubtedly seems like an absolutely perfect way to start the day is this scene from Singing in the Rain. Delightful!

Good MorningGood Morning!


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