Life-Friendly Workspace and Brand You – Living with Purpose

So it’s rainy and creating a cosy space to work from is such a lovely pass-time. Especially when it means cooking fresh bread, stewing pears and finding subject matter I am passionate about. Designing a brand especially for the clients I want to work with and sending questionnaires across the globe to those who are my ideal client/tribe.

My Winter-friendly workspace extends throughout the entire ground level of our place. And it is interspersed with the stuff of life. I would love to say that I am one of those that has designed my space with perfect intention and that everything is in it’s place. And to a degree I suppose it is.

Life happens here. So my desk is surrounded by my sons toys and his balance bike. There is an exercise bike and a toy truck. And as many Disney Collector cars as we can possibly find lined up in neat rows. So we can make sure that we have them all and report on them like the infamous Disney collector who now earns herself a very fine income from unwrapping Disney toys online.

Some say it’s relaxing but I prefer a good book. Check her out if you have little ones though as she can keep them entertained: I mean, check out the views on that video! Phenomenal.

And now when you search for Disney Collector there are a lot of other presenters who are probably gaining success by trending off of her vine (if that’s the correct terminology – maybe their just using the same words as her to reach an existing market but trending the vine sounds way more fun). And reaping the rewards. It just goes to show that if you love something and take it seriously it can become a way of life for you. But no surprises there I suppose.

So anyway, I’m picking the brains of the people I love to know about, checking out google forms (they look great. Seriously, check them out because you can customise with your own header and all sorts of other great features: Oh, and I’m in the process of designing my brand for a concept called “Brand You”.

It’s based on the fact that I see so many women who want to have a professional online presence and the reality is that they are so busy with life that they barely get to think about it. They just post to social media and might have a Linked In profile. But are they wanting something that really showcases them, their work, and helps them to connect with what they are passionate about and their work tribe?

For me this has been a massive issue as starting on this journey of discovering my sweetspot (the intersection between what I love and what others love me to do and will pay for) has meant that I started to see a gap around brand development. It might seem like a small thing but choosing the fonts that represent you and your brand, and finding out the concepts and key messages that you want to communicate can be the main barriers to moving forward with a successful brand and concept.

So that’s where Brand You comes in. It’s going to be a suite of resources that helps people to take the initial steps to identify and design their own personal brand! Sounds like great fun to me. Check out this initial idea for a logo:

Brand You Logo Large

For me, my brand has to project the right amount of modernity and classic style to appeal to my target tribe. These might be people I collaborate with or they might be clients. I love the combination of bright colours and the more slick font of my name. It suggests that the brand is unique, modern, classic, but not afraid to stand out from the crowd. It’s about capturing a person’s essence and being able to confidently portray it.

Whether it’s a palette of colours, the font, or the overall composition, giving people the tools, vocabulary and concepts to be in charge of their creative destiny is something I feel passionately about. Even if it is only for their personal benefit!

I completed a degree in psychology and have worked in the field for nearly 15 years. And yet the most significant learning that stands out to me from all those years is this: when a person knows what they’re about, and they confidently project that, there isn’t much room to get swept up in whatever other chaos life might throw at us. And that can be a good thing. Living with purpose.

It was most poignantly put in the statement, that if we don’t stand for anything, we will fall for anything. For those interested in the history of the statement you can check it out here:

And consistently, we find ourselves returning to a place of having to be true to who we are. And yet how do we do that if we can only barely put it into words? Brand you is about not only putting it into words, but creating the colours, images, and style that will say it all. Having that understanding is the strongest foundation we can have for creating a brand and a future that is consistent with everything we are. So what does your brand look like?

In psychology everyone is wrapped up in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) which is largely the brainchild of Russ Harris, the author of The Happiness Trap: His work is brilliant, insightful, and challenging. And it asks us to explore whether or not we know our own beliefs (sometimes the cause of conflicting feelings) and the subsequent values/ideals that spring from them. And dares us to commit to ourselves to be authentic. And sometimes it’s not about feeling good. It’s about knowing that pain can be a necessary stepping stone on the path to our destination.

The concept of Brand You is to really identify these aspects of ourselves. And give them colour. And project them. Because when we can see and know our own internal reality, we can live it with clarity, every day.


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