Call to Action – Getting the Message Right

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So today I have been exploring more to do with structure. And action. Everything can feel like a talk-fest, or a write-fest but when does it become about results?

Joining the conversation can be an issue. Especially when you are concerned about the implications for your career. Is it okay to step outside of the confines of your current employment, and when does it become a conflict of interest to take a leap into a less traditional way of earning income?

The answer lies in employment law and your current contract. Transparency with Managers can be key so setting time aside in your supervision to have the important conversations about where you are headed can mean that you will have the future freedom to stretch into new areas in your career.

Just watched this video on youtube: Definitely my favourite message from Tanya Williams of Digital Conversations. Connecting the messages can be so key to providing a sense that there is something going on that people want to be a part of. Consistency may just be the most important message about having a message. And you will need to repeat your message – about where you are headed and what you want to do.

You need to do the groundwork to get you into the position to be able to take action. It can be important to take people on the journey with you. With that in mind I have spent a lot of time exploring the narrative that can help bring others on board. A compelling story can be the difference between failure and success.

And there are so many ways to tell your story now. Images, words, and podcasts. Podcasts are apparently the latest ‘thing’ for young people out there. But I can see why they would be popular with any age group as you can do something else while you listen – important in today’s multi-tasking world.

Some of the incredible tools I have checked out today were:

Looking forward to stepping out. It must be time to set the date!


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