Yesterday I met an amazing lady called Rhiannon Luvis who has a really similar vision to what I had discussed in my post on Brand You. Except she has called it YBrand: Hilariously, I realised that I need someone to take me on this journey and to work out what it looks like before I think about trying it out on someone else. And it just so happened that a very clever someone mentioned her to me and said that I would probably love what she was doing. They were right!

And now, realising that there is someone doing this, right here and now, has made me wonder what synchronicity there might be for us to be involved with a project down the track. It reminds me of the ripples on the ocean – as you watch you see the complex interplay that happens between the currents and land formations. What you see in front of you is shaped by so many factors.

That’s kind of how we are as people. And while I was meeting Rhiannon it occurred to me that she essentially curates people. In the way that a curator explains art, Rhiannon creates understanding of the journey that we have taken to come to the point that we are at, right now. An image. A desire. A purpose. And also a sense of movement as we know that in reality the picture will change.

There are so many incredible connections coming together right now. Structures, ideas, and infrastructure. People, places, and things. But what Rhiannon will do is to help me to look at what I have created. To give it value. And to create an explanation that will help someone else to connect with that vision – in the here and now.

She will help to identify, in the story of my life, what this page says, and from there, I feel confident that I will have a sense of where the next page might lead. How else do we take authorship of our lives? Except by finding the way to identify our story and direct it (where we can).

I feel so excited by what this represents and can’t wait to continue working with her.


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