So as part of the 10 day blog challenge with Natalie Sisson I am going to admit that it is not so much the challenge as me being challenged that prevented me from starting on time! I was having such a brilliant weekend that I didn’t check a single email and little reminders flitted by without me really registering them.

How can that be you ask? I’m not entirely sure but I think it’s fair to say that I am quite easily distracted. Facebook is actually such a time-suck for me that I have gotten to the point where I automatically log-in to the app even if my intention was to pick up my phone and do something else entirely.

And that I am actually quite thrilled with my life at the moment. I am enjoying the people and processes happening around me.

Over the weekend I was also thrilled to meet Natalie herself! And the team that helped her to make the recent Problogging conference a success. It’s true that any type of success requires dedication and so I will aim to be diligent from here in.

Diligently having fun and diligently working. Documenting what is important to me and facing the challenges.


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