My Why?

The truth is that freedom and love motivate me, intrinsically. I look into the faces of the people I love and I am driven. But it goes deeper than that. It links back to my sense of social justice, of creativity being highly important and what makes us inherently human – and how the two go hand in hand to create solutions to most of our major challenges.

Over time I have seen that the solutions to most of the issues we face are right in front of us – if we can embrace change. However, as I discovered the hard way, it’s not just about the ‘me’ but about the ‘we’.

When it comes down to it, how satisfying I find life is related to how open the people around me are to embracing life – in all of it’s ‘liveliness’. Of being open to living that is not from a script; choosing solutions to the problems we face because it means we get to fill ourselves with joy, and happiness, and a type of spontaneity that leads to deep satisfaction.

Really, it’s about being able to be real. In real moments. With people that I love who want to face life’s challenges, the bigger picture, and the tiny moments that make life precious.

The big picture is bigger than I imagined though and I have always felt a need to challenge the status quo and do what it takes to create the kind of world I want my child to live in. Until recently I had been frustrated. Now I can see that there are solutions. Real solutions, with real people.

And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. My why has finally discovered my how.


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