Perfect Day

It is amazing to me but when I tried this challenge a year ago it was so hard for me think about what my perfect day might look like. So much has shifted. As if by focussing on freedom it has changed the alignment of my life. The why has a how. And the day can be perfect.

I wake up in the arms of the man I love. I spend time with him as we stretch and make our way into meditation. The sun is shining and there is a cool gentle breeze. We know that the sun will be on our skin for so much of the day as the lifestyle we have created together means that we can enjoy the sunlight, fresh air (in the beach or mountains – both are near by) – and movement.

It’s about levels. Being met on all of them and feeling that we can create, in each day, the full expression of our being and intention. I feel that he has the skills and abilities to bring our shared vision to reality. To make the vision plain and that together we can create a reality that blows our minds.

All of that has taken place, as we make eye contact and there is instant satisfaction at the reflection of so much purpose and understanding. And then the day begins in our minds. We have established our intent for the day.

We are getting into the light. Nourishing our bodies and minds and finding thrilling challenges to take up and adventures to go on. We live and work near and with people that we trust and admire and who have a mutual respect for us and our values. Every day is new and we look forward with anticipation while being completely content in each moment.

Then there is a knock at the door and my beautiful child comes to see us and hug us and cover our faces in kisses as we become a mess of arms and hearts. Life is good and we are all fulfilled, glowing, and walking the paths to our destinies.


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