Kate’s Daily Success Plan

My daily success plan involves acknowledging that Facebook is critical to how I operate and organise my time (aka I’m a Faddict – yes, a Facebook addict) – I organise my social events through it and use it to connect with community. However, I am a big fan of Natalie Sisson who has suggested that we try the Pomodoro technique.

This excites me because my focus is really limited to 25minute intervals regardless of whether I am using this technique and I think attempting to force my brain to do longer sessions results in an all out brain rebellion. It says to me, “No. There are so many other awesome things to do – like chat to friends or plan holidays.”

But no brain! You will not make me unproductive! You will be tamed by the positively perfect Pomodoro. I even own an egg timer and will use it with reckless glee and abandon to ensure that I can train my brain to focus for this bite-sized life changing strategy.

Because daily success comes from each small step. And when the steps are this small I feel much less afraid to take them. This is my daily success plan – one Pomodoro step at a time!


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