Superkate 4 EVA

The truth is that this has been a journey too. Because the super me wants to love the real me but sometimes it seems like there is so much distance between them. Some days I feel amazing and on others I want to curl into a little ball and hide under the blankets.

While this has happened a couple of times the great news is that there are some pretty amazing super friends around me who pull me through the times when the “a little bit too real” Kate shows up. And I have an arsenal of strategies myself.

So, when I am struggling I call in those voices that make me feel better. I usually tend to try to start with Superkate but sometimes she seems to be busy on a mission. From there I try to ground myself – be present and aware of the things around me.

I also like that my incredible psychologist told me that tears actually contain stress releasing hormones. So next time someone tells you crying isn’t helpful you can tell them that actually, scientifically it is. It’s an option. But mostly, talking to the people who believe in me is what gets me through.

I asked my best friend what my super power was and he said it was building relationships. And I think he might be right. And the reality is that we are all social creatures and need to hear the voices in the dark that remind us that we can be that super version of ourselves! So really Superkate is a conglomeration of all of the people who have made her what she is today.

Some people even have a word for it – ubuntu – I am who I am because of who we all are.


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