Tribe Kate

I am going to start this blog with an apology for the cultural appropriation in the image above. So often it is the case, when people appropriate, they are drawn to beauty without really considering cultural significance.

Tribes are all about cultural significance in its’ many and varied facets. And what I really want to know is the significance of my tribe, my people, the ones I feel a soul bond with.

So I know that I have mentioned that the last time I set about embarking on the Freedom Plan with Natalie Sisson I hadn’t entirely realised the importance of my tribe. In the wake of the Freedom Plan it became increasingly obvious that I needed one – that the one I had needed to shift; that freedom only comes with those people that enable you to boldly take steps in the direction of your dreams.

There are so many free-hearted and truly wonderful people out there that actually it is a wonder that we aren’t all surrounded by them. But maybe we are? Maybe we just haven’t seen who will and who won’t back us?

The reality is that a lot of what I thought was real fell away when I started to push against the boundaries. And for a while I felt as if I was free-falling – that there was nothing and noone for me to grasp onto. Just a deep emptiness. But I still believed. Sometimes I only believed because others told me to and they believed in me. For a while their faith was my faith.

My tribe are the people who are drawn to freedom, who care what it means, who question the status quo, who stand up and say what needs to be said – politely, but they will stand, even when it’s awkward. They are the kind of gritty souls who would fight for you tooth and nail because they have a deeply protective instinct and an innate sense of justice.

After spending years around nay-sayers and those who would have you believe that you can’t carve your own path I would say this: if they tell you it’s a pipe dream, tell them the pipe is theirs – and they can stick it in their pipe and smoke it! If that fails to impact then perhaps offering a hot cup of shut the f**k up might just do it.

Alternatively you could bless them and wish them on their merry way. I am sure that all are probably acceptable depending on who it is you’re dealing with. I just don’t want to die with regrets. And living and loving as fully as possible – not recklessly or foolishly – but open-heartedly with conscious intention, is what I passionately long to do.

So this is day 6 of the 10 day blog challenge  and Natalie has suggested mentioning who we would choose as 2 mentors. So I would choose Natalie! Because I completely believe in what she is setting out to do and think she is a legend. I would also choose another dear friend of mine who raises her beautiful family with grace and adventure at the heart of all they do.

One year on from embarking on the Freedom Plan I am amazed at how much has changed. As my tribe grows and becomes a more authentic support network I can see what it feels like to be a cherished part of a community and I have to say, I like it. A lot.


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