Free to Roam

So day 9 of the Freedom Blog Challenge is about location independence. Now I totally believe that this is necessary for anyone to completely attain freedom. If you are literally bound to your desk (due to whatever technical necessities confine you) then you do not have the ability to be surrounded by what and whom you love.

Sometimes it might be about the environment and sometimes it might be about the people. For me, it is always both.

My day of location independence will commence in Miami with my laptop. With access to wi-fi I can stay up to date with email, contact clients, and Skype when necessary. This means that I only take a few hours out of my day to complete my work (which is, by the way, exciting in and of itself).

Then I am free to find adventure and fun and be with the people I love. I have some amazing friends in Miami. I want to connect with another friend of mine in nearby Fort Lauderdale. And spend most of my time in generating creative programs and content and supporting clients to do the same.

I love encouraging others and so my days are mixed between purposeful connection and fun catch ups; sailing, riding motorbikes, going to the beach and mountains, dancing, and whatever other adventure might come my way.

I am so excited that technology has enabled this incredible lifestyle and that I can be truly location independent. It also means that at times when those I love are going through tough stuff I genuinely have the ability to be there. And I, for one, know how critical that can be. More than anything, this is the biggest blessing that comes from true location independence. And I cannot wait to have it!


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