Kate’s Adventure – Shine On

I had a very exciting weekend full of adventure and what it made me realise is that I love live art. I love music, I love theatre, I love the life that oozes out of art that conveys the passion that people have and feel on so many levels. It makes me feel alive – what else can I say? Shine on?

So on Day 8 of the 10 day blogging challenge (which is about being adventurous) I am going to write about the adventures that I had that were so good that I couldn’t write about them until 3 days later. I absolutely loved being able to go and see City Calm Down (to listen to one of their tracks click here). And what I feel when I hear them just keeps repeating what I know to be a deeply intimate truth. Music is life.

It fills me up in a way that almost nothing else can. And when you share it with people that excite you, your favourite people, the ones you love, it becomes infinitely more magical. So on day 8 of the challenge my adventure was music. And making time to share it will people I love. I hope that in some small way I will find a way to do this everyday.


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