Perfectly Imperfect

I am so perfectly imperfect that I just took the whole weekend off again and so this is my Day 7 of the 10 day blog challenge! Ever the rebel. Absolutely loving doing this challenge and loving life. Had so much fun on the weekend at a festival and a concert that I have lost my voice.

Because to me, freedom is live music and friends and not even switching on my laptop. The rest of the time it’s cuddles and cuteness overload with my son. Then week time comes and I know that I need to restore the balance. And ask myself what Day 7 of the Blog Challenge is about – procrastination!

I find it very easy to be in the moment and go with the flow and sometimes it can turn into procrastination. I only qualify it as procrastination if it is a week day. But how do I procrastinate? I’ve already admitted that I am a Faddict (that’s right, a facebook addict) and I know that I can manage pages without having the actual Facebook app through another simple app aptly named “Pages Manager“.

Once I am on my computer I am far less into Facebook for some reason. I think it’s the habit of picking up my phone and going straight to it. And the Events bit tickles me senseless!!! But I am going to do it. I am deleting the app from my phone because the reality is that it has become Facesuck (sucking up my time) and not Facebook for me.

How do you know when something has become an endless timesuck that could damage your dreams? My guess is that if you set out with one intention and end up doing the one particular thing that sets you off track then it might be damaging.

“But what if it’s really enjoyable?” I hear you ask. Well, I think the answer to this dilemma is, ask yourself if it is building a meaningful relationship that you plan to sustain long-term that is really for your good (like a deeply loving relationship – that could be worth getting distracted for).

If the answer is ‘no’ then find a way to can the addiction and get in touch with what will truly move you forward and see you achieving the actions that will support you and those you love. Get a strategy and work it out, day by day, so that you can find the freedom you crave. Or else you could resign yourself to singing this catchy tune. I for one, am going to give it a miss! And focus on the moment and the future – so my theme tune for now will be a little more like this.

I love the imagery and the look of freedom on her face as she takes flight. That is the choice I will make – to rise.




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