10 Day Success

So I am finishing the Freedom Blog 10 day challenge on the right day (actually, maybe late by 5 minutes – surely that is fashionable). I have always loved a deadline and like success on my own terms and so today I say ‘yes!’. I have finished on time and completed the mission while balancing it with my current version of a freedom lifestyle.

The reason that I chose this rather bizarre sparkle Princess picture is because she has butterflies around her head – which along with birds, to me, represent freedom. And she is me. I am her. I am a sparkle Princess and when I continue to take the steps that will lead to this journey taking shape I might even smile – I find that hard to do in photos for some reason. Maybe I need to do a 10 day smile challenge!

The truth is that I feel committed to this process now. I love how it brings me back to what is important to me. Some days it is being a sparkle Princess and on others it is about being able to be real with the people I love. Most days it’s both. Either way it’s a reality check for me.

So I am committed to continuing to blog. I wonder if I will be able to continue to come up with ways to do it that are unique and interesting? For now this is something that I am doing for me. Who knows where it might lead? Either way, I am happy to have found a process that I enjoy, that helps me feel grounded, and focussed, and most importantly, it helps me to feel a sense of progress and connection with the process I am undertaking.

Of becoming free!



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