Freedom Lifestyle: Meeting Natalie Sisson

Freedom Lifestyle and Freedom Business with Natalie Sisson: Part 1

So for a while I was doing some consulting and helping set up and create content for businesses. It was a while back now but this is the blog post that came out of meeting, someone, who, to me, is an incredible inspiration. A woman who asks questions and seeks answers, who is led by curiousity, and driven by a deeper ambition than almost anyone I have ever know. There is a bohemian and very refreshing quality to her and I just love that she is a woman! More power to the girls!!! And thanks again Natalie Sisson!:

We recently had a chat with the very interesting and completely phenomenal Natalie Sisson. Natalie is currently focusing on research about freedom and has been known as “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”. She is a digital nomad and successfully runs her online business from wherever she is in the world.

Most importantly, Natalie realises that freedom is different for everyone, but what defines it is that you can stay true to what you value. Whether it’s spending time with family, seeing sights, personal development or a combination of the above, freedom is important to all of us.

So when we met we decided to interview Natalie about the role of technology in creating a freedom lifestyle and a freedom business. Check it out below.

KF: We’re here with Natalie Sisson, the Founder of The Freedom Plan and we’re talking about how technology is shaping business. Welcome Natalie.

NS: Thank you!

KF: I wanted to start with asking you about your business.

NS: In a nutshell, I live around the world, live out of my suitcase, travelling the world, running my business from a laptop and a smartphone, and my business is essentially online education. When I’m being cheeky I say that I sell freedom, but ultimately I sell freedom to people through helping them create systems, outsourcing, and essentially monetising themselves in a way that fits with their lifestyle, so building a business to support that lifestyle.

KF: Okay, so that sounds pretty amazing! So I guess what I wanted to follow on with from that is, how critical do you think technology is to being able to achieve that with your business?

NS: I wouldn’t have a business without technology essentially. Like, a website, a way to get paid, and the internet, is pretty much all I need to run my business. So without the tools there wouldn’t be anything. Well, there would be an offline events component but how would I be letting people know about it without the online tools?

KF: What tools would you say are important for people who are looking to establish their business and get that online presence?

NS: So many tools that I love but ultimately I think a website, but you could almost get away without having a website these days if you have a Facebook page or a blog, but essentially a website and a way of getting paid, so whether that’s paypal, or gumroad, or stripe. You also need a clear offer, so you need something – a product or a service that people are willing to pay for. And then you obviously need to figure out who your market is, what they need from you, and how you are essentially going to put the solution in front of them and they’re going to be like, “Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. That’s exactly what I need.” That’s like the marketing component, that’s not a tool. That’s an understanding and something you need to know. At the end of the day, just a website, a payment tool, and a clear offer with a landing page or a sales page.

KF: I know from your course that you talk about Sexy Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

NS: Yes I do!

KF: So I think those are pretty critical – so do you use technology I guess in that respect, for your actual operating procedures?

NS: I just use google drive and google doc – I adore it and I just try to keep it really simple. So my team and I basically use google drive, asana, and slack for everything in terms of sexy operating systems, communications, and project management.

KF: So they must be really useful tools then if that’s what you’re using.

NS: Well, we’re almost switching over to using asana more for our SOP’s because you can lay out the same steps of an operating procedure in a google doc as you can in asana but you can live, real-time live schedule it out or distribute it to people so that they’re taking on ownership and deadline. So that’s what we’re shifting into a bit more – especially for launches.

KF: So with your strategies, just in terms of reaching out and getting your sites in front of people, in terms of your Search Engine Optimisation how important would you say a blog is for instance? I know you’re here for the Problogger event, how important would you say a blog is for that whole process?

NS: It’s so funny because my whole business started from a blog even though I don’t consider myself a blogger these days and I don’t blog as much, I podcast, but it’s still all about you being your own PR and marketing person so you get to put out content that relates, content that resonates, you get to distribute content at the right time, to the right people. So I think a blog is really, really important. Especially for putting out consistent content that is keyword rich. That people can basically find you online through. And it’s fresh and it’s live so google loves that and they want to see it ranked really well, so I think blogs are really important but, even outside of blogs, there’s podcasting and videos. Whatever medium of blogging that you’re putting out, whether it’s video, audio, or written is important.

A big thank you to Natalie Sisson for her time and all that she does for the Freedom Community!

At we love to talk to people about how to make their business and operating procedures sexier and more streamlined.

So much to think about before Part 2.
Until next time!


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