Meeting Natalie: Part 2 – Sexy Operating Systems

So one of my key interests as a modern woman of the world is…. freedom. What does it mean to me? And how can it sometimes be achieved through the use of Sexy Operating Procedures? If you are as intrigued as I am, then you will read on. I travelled to the Gold Coast to meet Natalie Sisson, who graciously let me ask her lots of questions about technology and business.

Natalie Sisson is currently focusing on research about freedom and has been known as “The Suitcase Entrepreneur” and the Founder of The Freedom Plan. She is a digital nomad and successfully runs her online business from wherever she is in the world.

Most importantly, Natalie realises that freedom is different for everyone, but what defines it is that you stay true to what you value. Whether it’s spending time with family, seeing sights, personal development (or a combination of the above), freedom is important to all of us.

We discovered, through talking to Natalie, that the role of technology in creating a freedom lifestyle and a freedom business is crucial. Check out the second part of the interview below:

KF: So, keeping in mind the importance of technology in business and how you have successfully set up your business to run online, can you let us know a little bit more about how people can get involved and what courses you run?

NS: Well, I am actually running a ten day blog challenge at the time of this recording. Which was quite coincidental that I was here at Problogging so that’s how important I think blogging is. Just to get people to take action and consistently turn up.

But The Freedom Plan is my like, proudest moment ever in terms of a program I’ve designed because it covers off on all the things I think you need to cover off on all the things I think you need to run a lifestyle business from anywhere. – using all the tools and technology.

And it’s basically designed about mindset, business, and lifestyle – so it’s broken down into those three stages. And I think you know, more than anyone, that you need to get your mindset into the right place before you can do anything – personally.

You need to believe in yourself, you need to understand yourself to that level and you need to know what your priorities are – and have that belief in yourself. And then you can go into choosing the right business model. Online, offline, or a combination of both.

You need to think about whether it’s passive revenue streams or active revenue streams, and then all the things we talked about – so outsourcing, sexy operating systems, systems in general, sales funnels, using the blog, using your website, building your list around your goals, talents, and desires.

And then the final part is the lifestyle stage. Do you want to work from home, do you want to work from co-working spaces? Do you want to travel the world? How remote or location independent do you want to be? So it’s kind of the whole gamut. If you want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur – if you want your business to support your lifestyle, that’s what the program is all about.

KF: That sounds pretty amazing and we have been really excited to talk to you!

NS: Well, thank you very much.

KF: We do have one more questions, just about processes. Do you write all of the processes or do you get your team to come up with them?

NS: I’ve written some and then I’ve gotten them to write their own. So anytime we’re doing anything new now I say, “Have we got an SOP (Sexy Operating Procedure) in place for this?” Because if somebody was to come along, if somebody was to get sick, if things happened, somebody should be able to open that up and just follow the exact instructions to the tea and be able pull off what we have done.

So now I really put it back into their hands and say look, write it up in your own words, your own language, do short videos if you want, videos are great, like tutorial videos. In addition to that, write out the instructions or have them transcribed and we keep them all in the same place, in google drive and people know where to get them so. So yeah, it works pretty well.

KF: That’s what we’re keen to do! So thanks so much and we are really looking forward to seeing what you continue to do.

A big thank you to Natalie Sisson for her time and all that she does for the Freedom Community!

At (more about that next time) we love to talk to people about how to make their business and operating procedures sexier and more streamlined. To find out more contact today.

So much to think about. Until next time!


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